Rakaposhi Tours (Pvt.) Ltd was established in 1989 and soon after, the company carved out a place amongst Pakistan’s tourism industry leaders. The company is engaged in both inbound and outbound tourism. Inbound clients of the company originate from several countries all over the world including UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, the Benelux countries, USA etc.
In many respects Rakaposhi Tours (Pvt.) Ltd has done pioneering work in the field of tourism in the country, opening up the less known real Pakistan. For example, the company has successfully launched specialized tours for military enthusiasts, taking foreign groups to historic sites and to old forts and other military installations.

It is a measure of the recognition given to the company’s efforts that the Chairman and Chief Executive of Rakaposhi Tours, Lt. Col. (Retd.) Akbar A. Shareef is today holding several important posts simultaneously. He is the Chairman of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Pakistan Chapter, Executive Committee Member of the Pakistan France Business Alliance, Executive Vice President of Pegasus Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd, also he has been appointed by the chairman of FPCCI as a member of standing committee of Travel and Tourism and Foreign Affairs.


Chairman and Chief Executive of Rakaposhi Tours, Lt. Col. (Retd.) Akbar A. Shareef


Mr. Syed Khaqan Ul Asar
Deputy Managing Director (Operations)

Rakaposhi Tours (Pvt.) Ltd is a dedicated corporation with an international network of agents and correspondents abroad. It employs a set of highly qualified and motivated staff at home. Tour guides of the company speak several languages like English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German and Japanese. The company is recognized internationally for its courteous and efficient handling and its total dedication to making each and every visitor to Pakistan feel like a state Guest.
Rakaposhi Tours (Pvt.) Ltd is recognized for its ability to organize any specialized package for individual and group travelers. Its services include holiday packages, cultural tours, and incentive tours etc. within Pakistan and abroad.

Through its network of agents, ground handling agents, tours operators and hotels, attractive package tours are offered to foreigners visiting Pakistan and to Pakistan’s visiting abroad, at very competitive prices, thus living up to our motto, “We make Traveling a Fun“.


Rakaposhi Tours (Pvt.) Ltd is proud to be a part of exclusive handling agent for International Defence Exhibition and Seminar has held at Karachi. This was a real challenge to the organizational skills of the company, with huge logistic involved. The success of IDEAS is thus a success for Rakaposhi Tours too, broadening its scope of activities to include also event management on a major scale. Besides IDEAS the company is engaged as official hospitality consultant for EXPO PAKISTAN, IGATEX, POGEE, FIRE & SECURITY, IFTECH, PLASTIC & PACK, MEGATECH, MTEXOFAB, Turkish Days and the Fashion Event in Style.


We cater according to the individual or corporate needs and tailor-made packages with varied inclusions. We specialize in leisure and incentive groups, cultural tours, trekking and many more.


We are actively involved in promoting Incentive Conferences; Leisure tours abroad specially Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong, Spain, Belgium, South Africa, China, Greece, Istanbul, Macau, Cambodia, Russia, Maldives, India, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Cyprus (Turkish), Kenya ( Mombasa ) and Egypt.